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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bill O’Reilly Invites Al Qaeda to Attack US Again! FCC Refuses to Sanction.

On November 8th on his radio program The Radio Factor, Bill O’Reilly said, "And if Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you [San Francisco] up, we're not going to do anything about it. We're going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead."

As a real American, I believe in freedom. But I do NOT believe that any American is free to invite Al Qaeda to attack our country again especially not broadcast on our citizen owned airwaves. That is not freedom that is treason! I don't care if it is a conservative Republican or a liberal Democrat who did it. No one should be allowed to call for terrorism against our nation on the air. I don't care if he thought he was joking. That's NOT a joking matter! And I don’t think he was even joking.

Sixty per cent of the voters in San Francisco voted to recommend that schools ask military recruiters not to recruit at high schools. The ballot isn’t legally binding and is only symbolic. But Terrorist Bill invited Al Qaeda to attack San Francisco saying that America would let them do it and get away with it.

Did the Bush Administration’s FCC sanction O’Reilly for his act of treason in inviting our nation’s enemy to attack us again? No. The Bush Administration’s FCC also failed to go after televangelist and Bush supporter Pat Robertson when he called for the US to assassinate the president of Venezuela or when Robertson called for someone to drop a nuclear bomb on the US State Department or when he said that liberal judges were a greater danger to America than a bunch of bearded Muslims hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings in the US. Conservative radio hosts have called for listeners to assassinate Hillary Clinton and other Democratic politicians. The Bush Administration does nothing. But an Episcopalian minister preaches against war based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and Bush sicks the IRS on them threatening to remove their tax exempt status while retaining the tax exempt status of Churches that held Bush-Cheney campaign rallies or broadcast Bill Frist and other Republicans political diatribes as “sermons.” Bush is using the FCC and the IRS as his own KGB going after those critical of him, but ignoring when his supporters violate the law. Bush himself taunted Iraqi insergents to kill US soldiers. Remember “Bring em on!” This is reprehensible!

Update 11/15/2005: After O’Reilly invited al Qaeda to attack the US again he responded to criticism of his statement by saying that he stood by his words and meant every word he said. On his show November 14 O’Reilly defended his remarks but he left out the part where he gave al Qaeda the all clear, “If Al Qaeda comes in here [San Francisco] and blows you up, we're not going to do anything about it.” and the part where he spoke directly to al Qaeda inviting them to attack us, “You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead.” Now (perhaps as a result of speaking to his or Fox’s attorney’s) he has changed his tune, and claims that his statement was satire. But he goes farther to say that he will post the names of anyone who was critical of his original call for al Qaeda to attack San Francisco and in those posts to his website he will claim that his critics are actually anti-military. So O’Reilly is going to defame as anti-US-military all Americans who were disgusted by his invitation to al Qaeda to attack our country again. If he does this, O’Reilly will be opening himself up to million dollar libel suits from any private citizen (non-public figures) who O’Reilly defames on his site. As I have demonstrated here on this site and elsewhere many times: no one is as supportive of the men and women serving our nation in uniform as I am. If O’Reilly includes my name or website in his defaming posts, I will certainly sue him for any damage done to my reputation as a result of his ridiculous attempts at vengeance against American’s opposed to inviting terrorism. O’Reilly first invites terrorists to attack the US, and now he threatens to unjustly defame anyone critical of his reckless actions. Unbelievable!

Contact Bill O’Reilly’s advertisers:

Life Quotes, Inc.

Life Quotes, Inc. appears to be part of, Inc., which runs, a "comprehensive online customer insurance information service that caters to the needs of self-directed insurance shoppers." The two contacts that I sent an email to are the Vice President of Sales, Brian Gibson , and the Executive Vice President and COO, William V. Thomas . is a subsidiary of Emigrants Savings Bank. I could not find any contact information other than their main helpdesk

Tempur-Pedic is the miracle NASA mattress people. I sent my email to them at

Contact the stations that broadcast Bill O’Reilly’s calls for Al Qaeda to attack our country again:

Birmingham AL WAPI-AM 1070 Cullman AL WFMH-AM 1340 http://www.broadcastingcable.comDothan AL WRJM-FM 93.7 AL WBCF-AM 1240 AL WCOA-AM 1370 AL WNWF-AM 1120 AL WLWI-AM 1440 http://www.wlwi.comBlytheville AR KLCN-AM 910 www.undercountry963.comDardanelle AR KCAB-AM 980 AR KFAY-AM 1030 www.1030am.comFort Smith AR KHGG-AM 1580 www.fortsmithradiogroup.comHot Springs AR KZNG-AM 1340 Rock AR KARN-AM 920 AR KNBY-AM 1280 AZ KVNA-AM 600 AZ KFNN-AM 1510 AZ KZZZ-AM 1490 AZ KAAA-AM 1230 Havasu AZ KNTR-AM 980 AZ KYCA-AM 1490 AZ KJLL-AM 1330 AZ KJOK-AM 1400 CA KNZR-AM 1560 CA KABC-AM 790 http://www.kabc.comLA/Ventura CA KVTA-AM 1520 CA KUTY-AM 1470 http://www.kuty1470.comPaso Robles CA KPRL-AM 1230 CA KQMS-AM 1400 CA KSTE-AM 650 Diego CA KFMB-AM 760 http://www.760kfmb.comSan Francisco CA KNEW-AM 910 Barbara/SLO CA KXTY-FM 99.7 Maria CA KTME-AM 1410 http://www.kuhlktme.comSanta Maria CA KUHL-AM 1440 http://www.kuhlktme.comSouth Lake Tahoe CA KTHO-AM 590 CA KOMY-AM 1340 http://www.ksco.comColorado Springs CO KVOR-AM 740 http://www.KVOR.comDenver CO KHOW-AM 630 CO KSIR-AM 1010 CO KSXT-AM 1570 CO KFKA-AM 1310 CT WDRC-AM 1360 Haven CT WMMW-AM 1470 mlHartford/Torrington CT WSNG-AM 610 mlHartford/Waterbury CT WWCO-AM 1240 London CT WSUB-AM 980 http://www.msnbc.comStonington CT WXLM-FM 102.3 DC DC WJFK-FM 106.7 Funiak Springs FL WGTX-AM 1280 FL WBXY-FM 99.5 FL WYMM-AM 1530 http://www.wymm1530.comMiami/Ft. Lauderdale FL WFTL-AM 850 http://www.live85.comOrlando/Melbourne FL WMEL-AM 920 FL WIXC-AM 1060 Springs FL KPSI-AM 920 City FL WYOO-FM 101.1 FL WAMT-AM 1190 FL WSTU-AM 1450 FL WTAL-AM 1450 http://www.wtal1450.comTampa FL WWBA-AM 1040 FL WENG-AM 1530 Beach FL WTTB-AM 1490 GA WCNN-AM 680 http://www.680thefan.comAtlanta GA WALR-AM 1340 http://www.jezebelmagazine.comAtlanta GA WFOM-AM 1230 GA WRDW-AM 1630 Branch GA WMWR-AM 1670 GA WBMQ-AM 630 http://www.WBMQ.comDavenport/Quad Cities IA KCPS-AM 1150 http://www.KCPS.comDes Moines IA KRNT-AM 1350 Moines/Boone IA KWBG-AM 1590 IA KMA-AM 960 City IA KSCJ-AM 1360 IA KICD-AM 1240 ID KBOI-AM 670 IL WJBC-AM 1230 IL WCKG-FM 105.9 IL WJOL-AM 1340 http://wjol.comChicago/Waukegan IL WKRS-AM 1220 IL WDAN-AM 1490 http://wdan.allarounddanville.comDecatur IL WSOY-AM 1340 IL WCRA-AM 1090 IL WGEN-AM 1500 http://www.wgenradio.comHerrin IL WJPF-AM 1340 IL WTAD-AM 930 IL WROK-AM 1440 IL WTAX-AM 1240 IL WSDR-AM 1240 -Indianapolis IN WIBC-AM 1070 Bend IN WSBT-AM 960 Haute/Vincennes IN WAOV-AM 1450 KS KLOE-AM 730 KS KALN-AM 1370 KS KLWN-AM 1320 KS KMAN-AM 1350 KS KMAJ-AM 1440 KS KGGF-AM 690 http://www.compass-radio.comWichita KS KNSS-AM 1240 KS KWBW-AM 1450 Green KY WKCT-AM 930 KY WKDZ-AM 1110 KY WLXO-FM 96.1 KY WFTG-AM 1400 KY WNGO-AM 1320 KY WNBS-AM 1340 http://www.froggy103.comOwensboro KY WOMI-AM 1490 http://www.wbkr.comPaducah KY WKYX-AM 570 LA KSYL-AM 970 LA KPEL-FM 105.1 LA KNOE-AM 540 LA KRMD-AM 1340 MA WTKK-FM 96.9 http://www.969fmtalk.comBoston/Gardner MA WGAW-AM 1340 MA WHMP-AM 1400 MA WHMQ-AM 1240 MA WHNP-AM 1600 MD WNAV-AM 1430 MD WCBC-AM 1270 ME WGUY-FM 102.1 ME WGAN-AM 560 Arbor MI WAAM-AM 1600 MI WKRK-FM 97.1 MI WCHT-AM 600 http://www.radioresultsnetwork.comFlint MI WSGW-AM 790 Rapids/Kalam'zoo MI WKMI-AM 1360 http://www.wkmi.comGreenville MI WSCG-AM 1380 Mountain MI WMIQ-AM 1450 Pleasant MI WMMI-AM 830 Bend/St. Joe MI WHFB-AM 1060 http://www.whfbam.comTraverse City MI WTCM-AM 580 http://www.wtcmi.comTraverse City/Ludington MI WKLA-AM 1450 http://www.WKLA.comDuluth MN KDAL-AM 610, ND/Fosston MN KKCQ-AM 1480 MN KYCR-AM 1570 Cloud MN WJON-AM 1240 MN WMGT-AM 1220 MN WWWI-FM 95.9 MN KROC-AM 1340 MN KOWZ-AM 1170 Girardeau MO KAPE-AM 1550 MO KSSZ-FM 93.9 MO KJFF-AM 1400 City MO KLIK-AM 1240 City MO KMBZ-AM 980 MO KLWT-AM 1230 Bluff MO KWOC-AM 930 Joseph's MO KFEQ-AM 680 Louis MO KFTK-FM 97.1 Louis (Park Hills) MO KFMO-AM 1240 MS WTNI-AM 1640 MS WFMM-FM 97.3 MS WFMN-FM 97.3 MS WHNY-AM 1250 http://www.telesouth.comTupelo MS WKMQ-AM 1060 MT KBLG-AM 910 MT KBOZ-AM 1090 Falls MT KQDI-AM 1450 MT KCAP-AM 1340 http://www.kcap.comKalispell MT KOFI-AM 1180 MT KYLT-AM 1340 Mountain NC WWRN-AM 1350 Charlotte/Gastonia NC WZRH-AM 960 NC WSTP-AM 1490 NC WSJS-AM 600 NC WSML-AM 1200 NC WMFR-AM 1230 http://www.wmfr.comGreenville NC WNCT-AM 1070 http://www.WNCT.comOxford NC WCBQ-AM 1340 NC WFNC-FM 102.3 NC WQMR-FM 101.1 NC WAAV-AM 980 Fargo ND KQWB-AM 1660 NE KLIN-AM 1400 http://www.KLIN.comLincoln/Grand Isle NE KRGI-AM 1430 Platte NE KODY-AM 1240 NE KKAR-AM 1290 NE KOLT-AM 1320 NH WKBK-AM 1290 http://www.wkbk1290.comAlbuquerque NM KTBL-AM 1050 NM KRSY-AM 1230 NM KNFT-AM 950 http://www.knft/fm.comAlbuquerque/Santa Fe NM KRSN-AM 1490 NM KENN-AM 1390 Cruces NM KOBE-AM 1450 http://www.kmvrmagic105.comLas Vegas NV KXNT-AM 840 NV KKOH-AM 780 http://www.KKOH.comAlbany NY WROW-AM 590 NY WYOS-AM 1360 NY WLVL-AM 1340 Falls NY WWSC-AM 1450 NY WKRT-AM 920 York NY WOR-AM 710 NY WACK-AM 1420 NY WSPQ-AM 1330 NY WFBL-AM 1050 NY WIBX-AM 950 NY WTNY-AM 790 OH WOMP-AM 1290 OH WCER-AM 900 OH WCLT-AM 1430 OH WPFB-AM 910 OH WPAY-AM 1400 OH WSTV-AM 1340 OH WTOD-AM 1560 OH WELW-AM 1330 City OK KOKC-AM 1520 OK KFAQ-AM 1170 City OK KOKC-AM 1520 OK KFAQ-AM 1170 OR KBND-AM 1110 Bay OR KWRO-AM 630 http://www.southcoastradio.comEugene OR KUGN-AM 590 OR KCMX-AM 880 OR KXL-AM 750 OR KAST-AM 1370 OR KGAL-AM 1580 Dalles OR KACI-AM 1300 PA WFBG-AM 1290 http://www.WFBG.comBethlehem PA WGPA-AM 1100 PA WESB-AM 1490 PA WJET-AM 1400 PA WLBR-AM 1270 Coll. 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SC WTNM-FM 105.5 SC WDXY-AM 1240 http://www.miller.fmRapid City SD KTOQ-AM 1340 Falls SD KSOO-AM 1140 SD WNAX-AM 570 TN WRWB-AM 740 http://www.wrwb.comJackson TN WTJS-AM 1390 TN WNOX-AM 990 TN WNOX-FM 99.1 TN WWTN-FM 99.7 TX KJCE-AM 1370 TX KOLE-AM 1340 TX KRCM-AM 1380 Christi TX KEYS-AM 1440 TX KLIF-AM 570 http://www.klif.comEl Paso TX KROD-AM 600 http://www.KROD.comHarlingen TX KVNS-AM 1700 TX KPRC-AM 950 http://www.950kprc.comSan Angelo TX KGKL-AM 960 Antonio TX KTSA-AM 550 TX KTEM-AM 1400 http://www.KTEM.comBuffalo Gap VA WZXI-FM 95.5 http://www.wzxi.comCharlottesville VA WINA-AM 1070 VA WNIS-AM 790 VA WRIS-AM 1410 http://www.wris.ccRoanoke/Lexington VA WREL-AM 1450 VA WFNR-FM 100.7 http://www.broadcastingcable.comRoanoke/Martinsville VA WHEE-AM 1370 VT WBTN-AM 1370 VT WVMT-AM 620 www.am620wvmt.comBellingham WA KGMI-AM 790 http://www.kgmi.comOak Harbor WA KWDB-AM 1110 Angeles WA KONP-AM 1450 WA KTTH-AM 770 http://www.770ktth.comSpokane WA KGA-AM 1510 WA KMAX-AM 840 www.palousecountry.comYakima/Walla Walla WA KONA-AM 610 http://www.konaradio.comChippewa Falls WI WOGO-AM 680 Claire WI WAYY-AM 790 Bay WI WDUZ-AM 1400 Bay/Oshkosh WI WOSH-AM 1490 Bay/Ripon WI WRPN-AM 1600 WI WAUN-FM 92.7 WI WTDY-AM 1670 http://www.madison1670.comMenominee WI WAGN-AM 1340 WI WMEQ-AM 880 WI WRJN-AM 1400 Lake WI WJMC-AM 1240 WI WKLJ-AM 1290 Rapid WI WFHR-AM 1320 WV WMMN-AM 920 WV WRVC-AM 930 WV WMOV-AM 1360 http://www.wmov1360.comRiverton WY KVOW-AM 1450

Let them know that inviting Al Qaeda to attack the US again on the air will NOT be tollerated and we will not buy from companies that advertise on his radio show.

Thanks to Daily Kos for this Operation Falafel.

One correction has assured me that they do not air Bill O'Reilly and in fact "can't stand him." So I have removed them from the list above. Also Equifax is no longer a sponsor of Bill O’Reilly’s show. They assured me that they ended their sponsorship of the Radio Factor.


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