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Monday, November 14, 2005

Ohio Reports Impossible Election Results—Again

In the 2004 General Election exit polling and pre-election polling showed results that varied wildly from the “official” tallies of votes. Most of the discrepancies came from electronic voting machines from Diebold whose CEO, Wally O’Dell, before the election told Bush Supporters that he guaranteed he would deliver all of Ohio’s electoral college votes to Bush. After the election statistical experts reported that the Diebold results were impossible given the pre-election and exit polling numbers. Republicans in Congress and in the Ohio State Government refused to investigate this.

Well this year it happened again in the election just completed. For one election issue, Issue 1, that the GOP supported, the pre-election polling matched the official count to 1 percent. But on other issues regarding election reform that the GOP opposed the “official” tally differed wildly from the pre-polling numbers and actually reversed the outcome. Read this article and this article which go into more detail. Read about the non-partisan GAO report which confirmed that those very Diebold voting machines have very poor security and are easily tampered with. Ohio is the state whose elected officials have recently been accused of funneling pension funds and other money of the citizens of Ohio into risky investments and into the Bush-Cheney campaign funds. If the Corporate Media bothered to investigate these election results and report on this, the American people might discover that elections have been stolen. Quite possibly even the 2004 presidential election in which similar unlikely vote counts came out of the Diebold machines. Will the Lapdog Media bite the GOP hand that feeds them? Probably not. Hence blogs like this one which get the news out.

I’m not saying that we have iron-clad proof that the elections were stolen. But these results are very suspicious. Combine them with the fact that the Republicans in Congress refused to investigate these voting irregularities in 2004 and even denied the Democrats meeting rooms to conduct their own legally unbinding hearings into the irregularities. As well as the Ohio State Republican’s refusal to investigate these and their desire to see the election reform issues defeated despite pre-election certainty that they would pass. Suddenly the vote totals reversed the numbers of the people casting votes in those elections. Highly suspicious, but the Republican Party insists that we MUST NOT investigate the irregularities despite the non-partisan GAO report which confirmed that those very Diebold voting machines have very poor security and are easily tampered with. “Nothing to see here. Move along,” says the Republican Party.


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