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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Supreme Court Justice Scalia Sullies Himself and the Supreme Court Again By Proving Himself to be a GOP Political Hack Lying to the American People

Every day the GOP damages the United States more. I fear their greed and power lust has done lasting and quite probably irreparable damage to our country and it is our children and grandchildren who will pay the price living in a US less noble and honorable than the one we inherited. Today it was Scalia who lied and dragged the Supreme Court into the muck that is the cesspool of Republican rhetoric. Not convinced? Read this to see that Scalia is lying. Or here to see how Scalia is guilty of judicial activism by his own words. Here is another good analysis showing that Scalia is a baldfaced liar.

Note that Democrats didn’t reopen this issue; Republican Antonin Scalia reopened the issue and brazenly lied about the two main points in doing so! Scalia lies about who brought the suit to the Supreme Court (it was Bush v. Gore NOT Gore v. Bush showing that it was Bush who brought the case to the court) and he lies that recounts after the election showed Bush would have won. In 3 of 9 scenarios – the least likely – Bush would have won BUT in 6 of 9 – including the two most likely – Gore received the most votes. The Corporate Mainstream Media just kept those results quiet like they kept stories of vote rigging in the 2004 election quiet.

So what happens when Scalia lies about 2000 and his role in it? As usual the Lapdog Corporate Media is keeping quiet on this even though his statement are easily shown to be lies. I weep for our nation. I wish Republicans in the US loved our country half as much as we do or one tenth as much as they pretend to. They have wiped their asses with the Constitution and urinated on Lady Liberty crowing that they are patriotic while they piss on our posterity. I weep for our nation and our children who will suffer for the GOP's greed and lust for power.


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