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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bill O'Reilly Can’t Stop Lying about Christmas

The other day Bill O’Reilly got caught making bogus claims against Saginaw Township over his pretend "War on Christmas."

WNEW-TV channel 5 in Michigan covered the story:

"In Saginaw , Michigan , the township opposes red and green clothing on Anyone, In Saginaw Township they basically said anybody, we don't want you wearing red or green. I would dress up from head to toe in red to green if I were in Saginaw Michigan "
-Bill O'Reilly on his program the Radio Factor.

WNEM TV-5 talked to Saginaw Township supervisor Tim Braun who says O'Reilly's comments are flat out not true. Braun goes on to say the township hall has red and green Christmas lights adorning the building at night. It turns out there’s no truth to O’Reilly’s claims. He just made it up.

Then on both The Radio Factor and The O'Reilly Factor, he falsely claimed a Texas school district "told students they couldn't wear red and green because they were Christmas colors." This is also not true. Last year the Plano Public School District wanted to prevent the handing out of religious materials at holiday parties and on school grounds, but the courts ruled that they had to allow it, and the school had decided to allow it even before the judgment. No ban on anything Christmas including religious materials has been in effect this year. Certainly not the banning of Christmass colored clothing. O’Reilly doesn’t care...he just lied about it: not once but twice. He lied about it on his radio show and on his TV show. He called them fascists for this pretend infraction of not allowing red and green clothing.

O'Reilly falsely claimed that "spiritual" Christmas stamps are no longer being offered. He claimed it’s the first time in his lifetime that they did not sell religious stamps for Christmas. Actually each year the Post Office issues a different Madonna and Child stamp with Mary and the Baby Jesus and this year is no different. I invite you to go to the Post Office and buy some. They are the same price as other stamps.

Ironically, the Post Office did once try to eliminate the Mary and Jesus stamp, but then President Bill Clinton intervened and ordered them to continue offering the religious Christmas stamps. O’Reilly didn't mention that.

O’Reilly recently got caught lying about the Daily Show, a comedy program, claiming that a program from last year was actually from this year and was further evidence of the War on Christmas. They called him on his lie proving it to be false.

He just can’t stop lying about this pretend War on Christmas. By the way the Bush Administration recently sent out “Holiday Cards” all of which proudly wished “Happy Holidays” and all over the White House web site you will find “Happy Holidays” greetings to all Americans. O’Reilly claims that the replacing of “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” is being perpetrated by the secular liberals bent on destroying Chrismas and insulting Christians. Apparently President Bush and his staff have now joined the ranks of secular liberals bent on destroying Chrismas and insulting Christians. Shame on you Mr. President, you anti-Christian liberal!

Sadly O’Reilly’s gullible viewers and listeners including my Harvard educated brother-in-law believe his lies. They assume that he’s checked his facts (which he probably has, but he doesn’t care). O’Reilly knows that if you repeat a lie frequently enough it becomes believed in spite of its falseness. Sad to say, he’s right.

By the way, Merry Christmas! No lie!


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