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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New 20 Year Study Finds Whiney Crybaby Children Grow Up to be Conservatives – Self-Reliant Kids Grow Up to be Liberals

A 20 year study just published in the prestigious Journal of Research Into Personality finds insecure kids who think everyone is out to get them and always run to the teacher with complaints more than likely grow up to be conservatives. Whereas self-reliant self-confident kids more than likely grow up to be liberals. This after tracking more than 100 children for 20 years.

Jeff Greenberg, a conservative critic at the University of Arizona said of the study "I found it to be biased, shoddy work, poor science at best." He thinks insecure, defensive, rigid people can as easily gravitate to left-wing ideologies as right-wing ones. He suspects that in Communist China, those kinds of people would likely become fervid party members. Greenberg based his contradictory findings on no study whatsoever but solely on his own thoughts and feelings (far more biased and shoddy than a 20 year scientific study tracking more than 100 children). Greenberg felt the need to whine about how unfair the study was to the press. Why am I not surprised? His kindergarten teacher was too busy for him to complain to.

Conservatives across the country are “very hurt” about this study and are complaining about it to anyone who will listen. I guess they never really grow up. Poor babies!


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