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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pentagon Becomes the Front Line in the War on the Democratic Party

Republicans have used the Pentagon to produce a 74-page briefing book for Republicans in Congress to be used as ammunition for what White House officials say will be a central line of attack against Democrats from now through the midterm elections. Our tax dollars and our US Military is being used to produce Republican campaign material. Can anyone say, "Soviet Union?"

The booklet was meant to be sent only to Republicans but was accidentally sent to a couple of Democrats by mistake. The Pentagon under the Bush Administration can’t afford to supply body armor and vehicle armor for our troops in Iraq, but somehow they find the money and time to produce a 74-page Republican campaign booklet.

If a Democratic president were using the Pentagon to produce material to be used to defeat Republicans in elections the news media and talk radio hosts would be screaming a blue streak about abuse of power and with very good reason. Yet this obvious abuse of power by the Republicans gets no play on the news and no mention from talk radio hosts 90% of whom are Right-Wingers.

America is goose stepping down the toilet, and the Soviet Premier in the White House and his Politburo in Congress are leading the charge (to mix a metaphor). The Republicans have definitely Sovietized the United States of America.


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