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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Think the Mainstream Media is “Liberal”? Why Do They Use McCarthy Era Republican Propaganda Terms?

This is something that has been bugging me for many years. Republican Party Propagandists have since the 1990s been calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat Party.” The name of the party is the Democratic Party. They only use this bullshit name, Democrat Party, because Newt Gingrich and his fellow Spin Meister and Republican pollster Frank Luntz determined that it could get them more votes to misname the Democratic Party. That’s because the word democratic is good. Everyone wants to be democratic. So they decided to change the name of the Democratic Party to something else to mislead the America people. Before Newt, Senator Joseph McCarthy who took our country into the dark days of McCarthyism used it repeatedly. The Republicans thought it worked then, so they misnamed the Democratic Party anew and kept repeating the mistake getting more and more Republican Propagandists to join in. Including the Mainstream Media itself. The so called liberal media uses the term even though they know it’s wrong.

The President uses this incorrect term. But he is by his own admission not very good with words. So maybe we could give him a pass. But the Mainstream media continues to use this McCarthyism propagandist term even though it is NOT the name of the party and the word democrat isn’t an adjective at all. It’s a noun. Anyone who studied journalism would know that. Should know that. Must know that if they are to inform and not help mislead the American People.

Fox News Channel (which isn’t a true news outlet – jut a propaganda mill) started using it as soon as they went on the air. But it is heard on ABC (which aired a propaganda film on 9-11 before the election), NBC, MS-NBC (both owned by defense contractor GE), CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press and even on the most watched news program on CBS the other night. Media Matters has a good post on how CBS used this propagandistic term instead of the correct name of the Democratic Party while interviewing the President on 60 Minutes. Media Matters had an earlier post on the propagandistic use of “Democrat Party” back in August. Here is a New Yorker article on this as well.

I propose we call the Republican Party the Rethuglican Party. If they start using the correct term so will we.


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