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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Right-Wing Front Group “Catholic” League Violated Tax Exempt Status

Right-Wing Pundit Bill Donahue, president of tax exempt political group, the Catholic [sic] League, may have violated the IRS laws forbidding such religious non-profit groups from interfering in political campaigns. Donahue has appeared in many TV and radio shows in his role as president of the group demanding that presidential candidate John Edwards fire two members of his campaign. Furthermore the “Catholic” League used its official website to pressure Edwards to fire the pair as well. It worked. One of them resigned today. However by interfering in a political campaign Donahue has technically forfeited his group’s tax exempt status.

Now as an American Donahue is free to use his right of free speech anyway he sees fit. But he can’t get out of paying the taxes that all other Americans pay. The law is clear that 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations, as Donahue’s group is, cannot interfere in political campaigns. And the evidence that Donahue’s group did just that is overwhelming.

The IRS is under President Bush. He is legally bound to have the IRS investigate Donahue’s group and pull their tax exempt status if they find evidence of violating the 501(c)(3) tax laws. Evidence that is amply available.

Previously President Bush used the IRS to go after a church in California that preached against war based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bush Administration is still threatening to remove their tax exempt status. Although it’s obvious he is simply punishing them for being anti-war.

Let’s see if Bush does his constitutional duty to enforce the tax laws in the case of the “Catholic” League. If he does not, he is violating his oath of office and it will become further grounds for impeachment.

I’m not holding my breath that he’ll uphold his oath of office and enforce the law.

UPDATE: The second targeted Edwards Campaign staff member has resigned citing pressure from Donahue and the "Catholic" League's ideological attacks on her. Well done, Mr. Donahue. You've broken the law! Let's see if Bush has the balls to enforce the law. I'm thinking...NO!


Blogger HT4E said...

Price fixing prior to an election has been going on for a while now. Ever since Enron so effectively raped the California taxpayers. We cannot trust the Energy companies to not try to manipulate elections. Just look how good the Bush Administration has been to them.

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