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Friday, January 19, 2007

You Can’t Criticize Condi Rice Because She’s Black!

A number of times in the last six years whenever Condi Rice has come under criticism Republicans bring up the point that she is black, and claim that Democrats shouldn’t criticize her because of this. They further say that to criticize her is racism. Rush called criticizing her a “lynching.” That’s the same term used to counter criticisms of Justice Clarence Thomas’s professional behavior during his Senate confirmation hearings. He used it to fend off criticism and the rest of the Republican world echoed his claim. This has become a familiar refrain. Countless time Republicans have made the claim that Democrats shouldn’t criticize Condi or other prominent black Republicans because they are black. Bullshit! That claim itself amounts to racism. Saying that you can’t criticize a person on the basis of their race is as racist as criticizing them because of their race. On this the week of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday it is important to remember his words that our American Dream is that one day people will be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character. If someone in a prominent position of serving the American people is screwing up, that needs to be pointed out. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what their race is. If they are doing a good job again it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what their race is. Saying that we can’t point out the failures of Condi Rice or Clarence Thomas or any other person of color is itself racism. Calling criticizing of a person’s professional behavior a “lynching” is racism. You wouldn’t call criticizing a white person a lynching would you? No. It’s racism plain and simple.

This week Senator Barbara Boxer pointed out that she has no one in her immediate family at risk in Iraq since her children are too old and her grandchild is too young and Condi Rice has no close family member at risk in Iraq either. Republicans pounced on this saying that she was deriding Condi for not having children and besides…wait for it…Condi Rice is black! Listen to every Republican statement on this and you will hear them mention that Condi is black. Like that gives her carte blanche against any criticism. Does Condi’s race have anything to do with this? Of course not. It’s maddening. I’ve heard my Harvard educated brother-in-law make this lame claim. I don’t know whether these people are really that stupid or they think the rest of the American people are that stupid that we won’t see this as the racism it is.

And by the way, you can't criticize me for this, because for all you know I may be black.


Blogger Chris said...

Actually, no Republican that I know of, and I am a Republican operative, has claimed that you couldn't criticized Condi Rice because she is black. Your entire post is based on a bullshit premise.

Boxer, for her part, does get her panties in a wad every time Rice gets in front of her. More than likely, she resents the fact that Rice is a black conservative woman. Liberals can't stand that, and attack people like Rice for their beliefs.

But as far as I know, few if any Pubs have said that she can't be attacked because she's black. That's just made up bullshit.

Please try again.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Well, Chris, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to your party. No, Republicans aren’t stupid enough to say, “You can’t criticize Condi Rice because she’s black.” What they do say, and I have heard several say basically this same thing, is “Democrats are attacking Condi Rice. She’s a black woman who’s made something of herself. Democrats love to point out Republicans flying the confederate flag and throwing up obstacles to prevent too many inner city blacks from voting. But here Democrats are criticizing a black woman. Clearly they don’t like blacks after all!”

Answer me this, Chris, why when Republican pundits mention the Boxer Rice confrontation do they without fail bring up the fact that Condi is black? I listened to a number of them on TV and radio saying this. What does Condi’s race have to do with the confrontation she had with Boxer?

I think your whole party is Bullshit and worse their leaders have been using their own greed and lust for power to damage (possibly irrevocably) America, the country I love. And people like you who have been voting them into power so that they can harm America makes you little better then your corrupt heroes.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Answer the part about calling the altercation with Rice a “lynching,” too Chris. Why use the term lynching to describe criticism of Rice and Thomas? We both know the answer to that. The metamessage with all of these is that if you criticize a black Republican, Republican pundits and operatives like yourself will brand it racism. Which proves my point.

6:56 AM  

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