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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bush Admin Says We’ve been Fighting Wrong Guys in Iraq for 3 Years!

Bush Administration officials are now saying that Shiite militias are the No. 1 problem in Iraq, more dangerous than the Sunni-led insurgents who for nearly the past three years have been branded the gravest security threat.

Shiite militias have been accused of running death squads that kidnap and brutalize Sunni men, and on Sunday the American military said the cell its forces raided had kidnapped Iraq civilians according to our troops in Iraq who have been fighting the Shiites.

So we pulled a Sunni leader (Saddam) out and put Shiite leaders in and now they are our number one enemy.


Of course all this talk of the Bush Administration being incompetent such as the way they handled Hurricane Katrina is just Democratic propaganda. Right.


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