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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Christian Peacemaker Tom Fox Found Bound and Killed in Iraq – Rush Limbaugh Likes It

A while back four Christian peacemakers (members of the Quaker faith who believe in Christ’s teachings about peace) were taken hostage in Iraq. Now one of them, Tom Fox, has been found dead with his hands tied and bullet holes in his head and chest along with bruises and cuts all over his body. When he and the three other Christians were taken prisoner Rush Limbaugh announced that he was pleased that they had been taken captive since they were working for peace in Iraq. "Part of me likes this." He explained, "Well, here's why I like it. I like any time a bunch of leftist feel-good hand-wringers are shown reality." Limbaugh considers himself a loving Christian and anyone who disagrees with him is not and therefore must be killed. “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Jesus said. Death to the peacemakers says, Rush.

Tom Fox wrote in his final days of the love God has for all people, and told his friends that if he is killed not to take revenge on those responsible.

Not even on Rush Limbaugh.

Peace, Rush.


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