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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nurse Ticketed for Political Bumper Stickers in Deep South

A nurse coming home from working at her hospital in Georgia was stopped by a police officer. He gave her a ticket for “Lewd Decals.” There were two bumper stickers on her car one said “I'm tired of all the Bushit” and the other had a W crossed out and “Hillary 2008” written in its place. The ticket is for $100 and under "offense" it says "Lewd decals."

Problem is there is no offense of “Lewd Decals” in Georgia. Georgia's Supreme Court struck down a "lewd bumper sticker" law in 1991, after a defendant with a "Shit Happens" bumper sticker took the their case to court. One of the alleged lewd decals on the nurse’s car had “Bushit” and the other had “Hillary.” She was ticketed for having lewd decals (plural). The police department refused to comment on the incident, but they are proceding with the case.

The nurse is scheduled to go to court on April 18 for her offense.


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