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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ohio Secretary of State Owns Stock in Diebold, the e-Vote Company he helped in Elections Despite Reports of Vote Fraud

This just in:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R) "made an embarrassing announcement Monday: He ACCIDENTALLY bought stock in Diebold Inc., a voting machine maker that benefited from decisions made by his office. "In 2004, Diebold "drew the ire of critics" after the company's CEO "sent a fund-raising letter in which he committed to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to President Bush." He did just that, and questions still remain about voting irregularities resulting from use of Diebold and other e-Vote manufacturers.

Blackwell “accidentally” owned 178 shares of Diebold stock.

Blackwell "has a pretty unique history with this company," said Bob Paduchik, spokesman for Republican Attorney General Jim Petro, who is also seeking the GOP nomination for governor. "This should be investigated."

Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo called the request for an investigation "absurd" and said county boards of election determine which machines to use. However, in his duties as secretary of state, Blackwell's staff narrowed the list of companies eligible to replace Ohio's antiquated voting equipment with more modern technology. Diebold made the cut, and a rival firm accused Blackwell of improperly favoring the company. Blackwell said the Diebold machines are the only electronic machines to meet federal and state standards under the Help America Vote Act of 2002. It turns out they weren’t and the state of Ohio is being sued over this misinformation.

Blackwell claims he had no knowledge that he had bought Diebold stock. Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Brian Rothenberg responded, "If Ken Blackwell didn't know how his own money was being spent, why would the people of Ohio think he would be a good steward of their checkbook?"

Gee what a coincidence: the Ohio Sec. of State owns stock in the very company his elections orders benefited despite the fact that Diebold’s electronic voting systems have been found to be easily hacked and reported incorrect votes in the 2004 election and elections since all across America. “Golly, I didn’t realize I owned stock in the company I was helping steal the vote for the Republican Party. How did that happen?”



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