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Thursday, November 16, 2006

GOP Reaching Out to Minorities

In the Tennessee senate race the Republicans ran race-baiting ads insinuating the black Democratic candidate slept with white women and featuring African drums in radio ads every time his name was mentioned.

Now the Grand Old Party has elected Trent Lott (who last time he was in the news was praising segregationists) to the position of “minority whip.” Not too subtle there.

And they wonder why so few black people vote Republican and why the few black Republican candidates they can find have to masquerade as Democrats to try to get votes.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fox News Gave $2 Million to Terrorists Who Bought Weapons to Kill Israelis

Word is out that Fox News Channel gave $2 million to a Middle East terrorist group responsible for kidnapping two Fox reporters. The terrorist group has claimed they used the money to buy weapons which they are using to kill Israelis.

According to laws passed under the Bush Administration, any group which gives financial aid to a terrorist group is a terrorist group itself and will be prosecuted as such under American law. Their assets will be seized. The Bush Administration has seized the assets of people who contributed far smaller amounts to Muslim charities that the authorities believed were fronts for terrorist groups. This is a clear instance of a US corporation giving millions directly to a terrorist group and that terrorist group used the money for weapons to be used in the War on Terror. Will they seize the assets of Fox News Channel?

Will the Bush Administration follow the laws they put in place and prosecute as terrorists Fox News Channel which has been for six years the mouthpiece of the Bush Administration? In related news, Fox News Channel was hunting for any Iraqi insurgents who might say they would be happy that the Democrats won back Congress as this internal memo proves. The memo (and hundreds of others exposed in the film OutFoxed) clearly shows that Fox is merely a Republican propaganda spin factory.

Isn’t giving aid and comfort to our enemies treason? And aren’t the terrorists our enemy in the War on Terror? And if the Bush Administration is serious about fighting the War on Terror, wouldn’t they go after an American company that gave $2 million to a terrorist group regardless of the politics of that company?

We shall see. My guess is that the Bush Administration will not prosecute Fox News Channel because they are not really interested in going after those who fund terrorists; they are only interested in rhetoric which will win them elections and hold onto power.

You’re either with us or against us, George. Which are you? Which is Fox?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Payback’s a Bitch

For the last weeks of the election President Bush was saying that those who vote for Democrats would be supporting the terrorists. He stepped up the rhetoric in the final week before the election.

On Tuesday a majority of Americans voted for the Democrats.

Today a poll showed the Bush’s support among Americans had dropped to 31% (an all time low).

Let’s think about that a moment shall we: you call a majority of the American people terrorist supporters and the next thing you know they don’t like you.

Who’d a thunk that?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Black GOP Candidate Bribes and Tricks Homeless Blacks into Lying to Black Voters

Michael Steele, Luitenent Governor and Senate candidate in Maryland (who happens to be black) and Bob Ehrlich , the white governor of that state, bussed hundreds of homeless people from Philadelphia to hand out campaign documents that lied to black voters in a heavily Democratic area telling them that the two politicians (Republicans of course) were in fact Democrats. The Philly Homeless people didn’t know they were handing out lies and when they found out they were very upset and felt used. The homeless people were promised food and money, but the GOP stiffed them. The GOP didn't provide the homeless people the ride back to Philly that they promissed them either. So the homeless people protested and then the GOP tried to pay them off but investigators who came down because of the protests witnessed the homeless recruits being paid off. It turns out the two Republican candidates did the same thing back in 2002. The Governor's wife even greeted the busloads of homeless when they came to Maryland.

I hope they are put away in prison for years to come. We have a small payback in that Steele lost his bid for Senate. Steele is now making a bid for Republican National Committee Chairman. Fits right in I'd say.

Black Republicans using homeless blacks to trick black voters by lying to them and then cheating the homeless out of the food and money they promised. Truly disgusting! There are absolutely no depths that the Republican Party won’t go to try to hold onto power.

Thank God that the GOP lost control of the House and Senate!

Update: The Republican Party offered Steele the position of National Committee Chairman. He is expected to give them an answer this coming week. The Republican Maryland Governor who was involved is blocking any investigation of Steele and himself.

Update 2: Due to increased focus on Steele and his hoodwinking black voters in Maryland, the RNC has decided to offer the chairmanship to Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) who has connections with Jack Abramoff and his bribes of Republican Congressmen Bob Ney who just stepped down from Congress after pleading guilty.

Martinez was also the one who passed around the memo that Republicans were going to exploit Terri Schiavo to win votes. He accidentally gave a copy of the memo to a Democrat and then tried to say the whole thing was a forgery until his staff admitted it came from his office.

Is there any Republican who isn’t a crook and a liar?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush Calls Terrorists! Is NSA Listening to the Calls?

For weeks President Bush has been saying that if the Democrats win, then the Terrorists won. Over and over he spread that message. When Democrats won the House of Representatives, Bush called them and congratulated them. He called Nancy Pelosi and asked her to come by for lunch with him. So if the Democrats are Terrorists and Bush is calling them are those calls being monitored by the NSA?

I’m just askin’.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Republicans Found Lying to Democratic Voters – Telling them Their Polling Place Has Changed – And Worse!

Republicans are calling registered Democratic Voters and telling them that their polling location has been changed when it hasn’t. This in an obvious effort to suppress Democratic Voter turnout in the 2006 election. This went on during the 2004 elections as well, but the Mainstream Media barely covered it. I expect they will barely cover it again.

More on the Republicans calling voters pretending to represent the Democratic candidate and harassing them so that they will vote Republican can be found here. Another good article can be found here. This is happening across the country. One pissed off voter recommends calling the National Republican Congressional Committee back at 202-479-7000 and harangue them the way they are harassing voters while pretending to the the Democrats. If you are receiving these harassing calls from the Republican Party complain to the FCC at 202-418-1440, phone number or their fax number at 202-418-0232. Unfortunately the FCC reports to President Bush so there is little they will actually do, but you can get your complaint recorded.

Republicans believe they can only win by cheating. And they’re right.

Vote the Cheaters Out of Office. Vote Democratic Tomorrow November 7.

Update: The exclusively Republican Company, Conquest Communications, that the Republican Party has been using to harass voters and make them believe it was the Democrats calling them has removed their contact information (phone number, address, etc.) from their web site because people were calling them back. Gee, the Republicans can call voters dozens of times posing as Democrats to piss them off into voting Republican, but they don’t want anyone calling them back to complain. So instead call the National Republican Congressional Committee at 202-479-7000 to complain about their Un-American and Illegal Dirty Tricks to try to Steal this election.

Update: Josh Marshall and Atrios are reporting that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and Fox are each ignoring the GOP's nationwide campaign of false-flag robocalls meant to harass voters and fool them into thinking the calls come from Democrats. If it were Dem on GOP, if it were on Drudge, the cable nets would be on it wall-to-wall. As it is, they're content to ignore it.

That's because the powers-that-be in the mainstream media are in the tow of the Republican Party. The Halperins and Crowleys of the news biz are all part of the same corruption.

Welcome to the USSR. Why do the Republicans even bother holding elections? Why not just declare themselves Kings and get it over with?

Get out and vote tomorrow. It may be our last chance to do so. Our only defense against tyranny is hugely strong voter turnout to turn the criminals out of office. We’ll work on forcing the criminals out of the Media after that. If you are asked to vote on an electronic terminal, demand to have a printed ballot. Vote early so they still have printed ballots for you to vote on. If you are forced to vote on an electronic voting terminal, have a video camera or a cell phone with the ability to store video capture your attempts to vote and if the machine changes your vote, send a copy to the local newspapers, TV and radio stations, send copies to the Democratic Party, to the FBI, etc. Get it out there so that they can’t duck this.

We will take back our country!

Proof Saddam’s Verdict and Sentence Were Timed for US Mid-Term Elections

It has come out today that the court that found Saddam Hussein guilty and sentenced him to death hadn’t completed the document that lists what he was accused of, and how the court arrived at the guilty verdict. They won’t be done with that until Thursday!

Earlier the Iraqi Court trying Saddam said that they would not have a verdict before the November 7 US Elections, but this past weekend miraculously they managed to have it done except they’re still working on the paperwork and so they’re not really done after all. The Bush Administration claims that they did not pressure the Iraqi court to announce the verdict before the election, but the fact that they won’t be done compiling the charges against him until Thursday (two days after the election) exposes the truth behind this.

Saddam's trial took place in a country under U.S. occupation. The courtroom where he was tried, convicted and sentenced was established with $75 million of American taxpayers’ money, the "Iraqi" tribunal (judges and jury) were approved by the Pentagon and the State Department not the Iraqi government or the Iraqi people. The Bush administration has been calling the shots throughout the trial. Three defense attorneys have been killed and the chief judge resigned in protest against US Government involvement in the trial.

Saddam was a tyrant and he committed crimes against humanity, and because of that he should have been tried in an international tribunal that was not controlled by the United States if we wanted any shred of credibility in the verdict. Now the rest of the world knows that this was a US show trial. The fact that the verdict and sentencing were rushed before the US mid-term elections when the specific charges and manner in which the court determined his guilt (which must precede the verdict and sentencing according to Iraqi law) were even written down, exposes this to the world as a US political stunt to benefit the Republican Party.

Saddam would certainly have been found guilty before the Hague or any other International Tribunal, but they probably wouldn’t rush the verdict to help out a political party so that is why we ran the court ourselves.

We the American People have been made a laughingstock before the world by this obvious political ploy.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Republicans Harassing Voters Pretending to be Democrats – Voter Fraud!

Throughout the country voters are being called by “robo-calls” automated calls claiming to be from the Democratic Party but in fact they are from the Republican Party harassing voters so that voters will be so mad at Democrats they will vote Republican. This is against the law as it is a form of voter fraud, but the Republicans are confident that they won’t have to pay the piper until after the election when angry voters try to punish who they think is harassing them. This is what they’ve stooped to. The Republican Party continues to pay the legal fees for some of their people who were convicted of felony voter fraud like this in the 2002 election. The Republicans hired them back to help with the 2004 elections. And now they're at it again in 2006. Journalist Josh Marshall has devoted his own web site to uncovering these ploys.

Don’t be fooled! If you are being harassed on the phone it is in all likelihood the Republican Party. These people are criminals and don’t deserve to hold public office. Vote the crooks and cheaters out of office on Tuesday.

Of course if you insist on voting for the criminal Republican Party, wait until Wednesday to vote. You’ll have the day all to yourselves, and there won’t be any of those icky liberals around. Just kidding.

Republicans Divert Money From Troops to For Profit Companies Driving Down Troop Morale

Billions of our tax dollars which were intended for our troops are being re-routed to line the pockets of well connected companies that just happen to be huge donors to Republican candidates. Surprise surprise. Our troops have to work along side employees of these well connected companies getting paid five times what are troops are being paid for doing the same work. Our troops’ morale is in the toilet over treatment like this. Republicans in Congress and the White House keep pouring our tax dollars into the hands of these companies instead of our service members.

Watch this short interview Movie WMP Format Movie MOV format.

Support our troops: Vote Democratic on Tuesday, November 7.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Monday will be a Red Letter Day

On Monday Saddam Hussein will be sentenced to die. The timing set for right before the US Mid-Term Elections to buy more GOP votes, but is expected to result in many deaths including American Troops serving in Iraq. But those deaths won’t be counted until after the election so Bush is going ahead with it. This may be in lieu of the usual video from Osama right before the election to buy GOP votes. But maybe we’ll get an Osama video as well just to be safe.

On Monday The Army Times, The Navy Times, The Marine Corps Times and The Air Force Times are set to publish an editorial calling on Bush to fire Don Rumsfeld for screwing up on the Iraq War.

Neo Cons including Richard Perle the Architecht of the Iraq War blasts the Bush Administration for screwing it up in and interview in Vanity Fair which comes out on newsstands Monday.

Monday’s New York Times is expected to include an interview with Bush Administration hero and spy for Iran, Ahmad Chalabi, in which Chalabi will blast the Bush Administration for screwing up the Iraq War.

Watch for these and many other news bites on Monday, November 6, 2006, the day before the election.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Republicans in Congress Gave Nuclear Weapon Blueprints to Terrorists - Had Enough?

Back in March, Republican Leaders in Congress demanded that thousands of documents confiscated in Iraq be put on the Internet. This was because seasoned professional US intelligence analysts found no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq leading up to the Iraq War. There was WMD prior to the First Gulf War, but by the time of the current Iraq War there was none. Republican Leaders in Congress wanted to give right wing bloggers and everyone else on Earth a chance to comb through the confiscated documents in hope of finding evidence of WMD. Intelligence Professionals objected to some of this information being put on the Internet. Even Bush’s head of Intelligence John Negroponte refused, but Republicans in Congress and the President overruled our nations Intel experts and so the information was made available to the world. Now it comes out that at least a dozen of the documents were blueprints for creating nuclear weapons and terrorists around the world had access from March until this week.

So Bush and the Republicans in control of Congress gave blueprints for constructing nuclear bombs to any terrorist with an Internet connection for months. Why? They were hoping someone would find justification for the Iraq War. For this they endangered the United States of America and our allies.

Had enough?

I have!

Vote the Republicans out of office on November 7, 2006.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Latest GOP Election Ad

Actually US Intelligence Agencies in June intercepted an al-Qaeda communiqué that proves that al-Qaeda wants the Republican Party to win the 2006 Midterm Elections. “Prolonging the war is in our interest,” wrote “Atiyah,” one of bin Laden’s top lieutenants. If Democrats win and can decrease the US troop presence in Iraq it will hurt the terrorists’ best recruiting tool: encouraging angered Muslims to fight US and kill our troops in Iraq.

Each election Republicans trot out Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda as a reason to vote for them. Obviously bin Laden and al-Qaeda wholeheartedly agree. Usually they release a video or audio tape to help the GOP out (I fully expect that in the next days).

Want to piss Osama bin Laden and the rest of al-Qaeda off? Vote the Republicans out of office and take away the terrorists’ best recruiting tool.